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Girls in Swimming Costumes, 1928

Not only revolutionary painting style and bold fashion designs define Sonia Delaunay as an artist, but also her contribution in wide process of female emancipation at the beginning of the 20th century. Sonia's designs were bold and daring, thus they gave women fashionable feeling besides the general comfort.

Le p’tit Parigot, 1926

Sonia Delaunay left a mark in the dramatic art by creating costumes to numerous plays. Le p'tit Parigot is one of them, among others like the Gas Heart, 1923 and Cleopatra, 1917.

Car design by Sonia Delaunay - Citroen B12, 1925

Sonia Delaunay is wearing patterned suit of her own design standing next to Citroen B12 decorated by her with the same pattern. This photo brightly illustrates the principle of simultanism that Sonia's style is famous for.